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Alex’s Beauty Bar is a  medical aesthetics clinic dedicated
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patients in South Simcoe, York Region and the Greater Toronto Area.
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Alex Dinovich

Alex is a Registered Nurse and Cosmetic Injector who specializes in providing treatments with natural looking results. Learn more about
Alex here.

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At Alex’s Beauty Bar, It’s not just about first impressions. We work to impress you anytime, any day! We offer you a FREE consultation that provides details and advice on our services and the different options you can explore and cover. You can get inspired and then we make that look you have been longing for become a reality. Sounds great, right?


Lip Filler

Lip Flip


PRP Facial


Under eye Filler


Anti wrinkle injections


Belkyra Fat Reduction


Lip Filler


Ear Restoration


Antiwrinkle injections


Mini Lip Plump


Initial consultations at Alex’s Beauty Bar always free!



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Costomer Reviews


I had a wonderful experience with Northern beauty spa! I enjoyed the convenience of getting treated in my own house. I felt that it was all about making me happy about the result. Even though I did it for myself, it is nice to be complemented all the time 🙂

Hadas M

Alex is amazing, she has done my Botox and filler many times- the results are great- The convenience of Alex coming to our home is priceless. She is friendly and professional and makes sure I obtain the results I want. Would recommend again and again.

Mark Damouni

I had the PRP treamtreadone with Alex. She was extremely professional and very pleasant . I would recommend Alex and her spa to anyone who is looking to make themselves look and feel younger and a better version of themselves. Great work!!!

Yuliya Gorobets

super happy with the service i got, the nurse came to my house and went through the pre and post instructions in depth. and the results are absolutely astonishing! will definitely recommend!

Natalie Klaiman

Thank you Northern beauty you made me feel and look amazing , I was getting non stop compliments daily on how I look fresh and beautiful, mostly you made me feel confident and happy. Thank you I will recommend your services always.

Diana Tovberg

Amazing Experience I left 10 years younger, thanks!

Dan G

Had such a great experience. My nurse was so professional. She broke everything down for me, what shes using, what it does, how long it should last. I felt really relaxed no pressure whats so ever. Will deffintley be back for some more dysport units. Love love love the service , the experience and the professionalism ! Thanks Alex!!!!

Diana Klaiman

I had an amazing experience, Alex is very proffesional and tailored the procedure to get me the exact look that I wanted, the fact I didnt have to leave my house was a huge bonus and saved me tons of time.

Ilona Utsis

Amazing service with amazing results, highly recommend.

Shachar Shekhter


What can I expect during a consultation?2019-05-15T13:18:39-04:00

During a 15-minute consultation, Alex will ask you to share why you
came to the clinic, as well as possible treatment and product options
with you. We will make sure that you feel comfortable asking any
questions you have to provide the information you need to know to
make an informed decision. Alex will tell you about the positive and
negative outcomes of the treatment, including any side effects.
You can choose to have a treatment directly after your consultation or
book another appointment for your treatment.
The consultation is completely free; you will only be chargedyou’re
your treatments.

What are some warning signs I should be aware of after receiving injectables?2019-05-15T12:44:15-04:00

Typically, clients do not experience any issues that require medical
attention after receiving injections.
However, if you experience difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing or
blanching of the skin (a pale appearance which may indicate problems
with blood flow), please contact a doctor.

What are the factors causing wrinkles?2019-05-15T12:44:49-04:00

Aging, repetitive facial expressions, sun exposure, smoking and
environmental pollution are the most common causes of wrinkles.

How often do you need to get treated with Botox/ Dysport to maintain results?2019-05-15T12:45:36-04:00

Botox® and Dysport® treatment results typically last between three to
six months.

How do I know what treatment is right for me?2019-05-15T12:47:06-04:00

You should meet with a nurse / cosmetic injector for a comprehensive
consultation. They will thoroughly inspect you, and the best treatment
options will be suggested based on your goals and needs.

What is the difference between Botox and Dysport?2019-05-15T12:48:00-04:00

Botox® and Dysport® are both made of botulinum toxin A. They are
effective because they weaken the muscle they are targeting.
Comparatively, they achieve the same results.
Botox® usually takes a few days to a week to show real results (visible
changes) while changes from Dysport® may appear sooner in some
people. Typically, results from both treatments last the same amount of
time (between three to six months).

What is the difference between botox and filler?2019-05-15T13:15:57-04:00

Botox® is a toxin that works by temporarily weakening/paralyzing a
muscle; this process helps to smooth the wrinkle caused by the muscle
Fillers work differently. They are meant to make areas appear full or
plump where skin had started to appear thin or sagging.

How long does dermal filler last?2019-01-02T15:58:42-04:00

It depends on the kind of filler used, some last for 6 months, and others for one year. Your injector will be able to give you an answer based on the filler you get injected.

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